2022 Commemorative Bead

Type: Merchandise
Price: $58.00


2022 Commememortive Bead by Stephanie White

Stephanie began lampworking in 2001 and quickly fell in love with the process. Working out of her family owned bead store (Beads by Design) just north of Atlanta Georgia she has spent the last couple of years focusing on her murrine making skills and the 2022 commemorative bead captures her style and work beautifully.  

This commemorative bead starts out with a core that is wrapped with dichroic glass and layered with bands of transparent colored glass loosely inspired by the colors that can be seen during a sunset. The glass is then pressed into a kalera shape and decorated with pansy flowers and a butterfly. Since ancient times the pansy has been a symbol of remembrance while the butterfly symbolizes transformation and growth.  


This bead measures 44mm x 21mm and is 14mm wide . Made on a 3/32 mandrel giving it a 2.5mm hole . ( 1.74 inches x 0.83 inches)