Glass Bead Evolution Volume 10 Issue 1

Type: Digital Magazine
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Glass Bead Evolution is a magazine created by beadmakers for beadmakers and is inclusive of other mediums. 
Glass Bead Evolution provides its readership robust content that includes insight into artists' private worlds, tours of fascinating venues, tips and techniques for both glass and complementary mediums, a showcase of exquisite work, and reviews of tools, materials, tutorials, and books.

In This Issue: 10.1

Artist Spotlights

Bronwen Heilman: Sustainable Mad Science

Ikuyo Yamanaka: The Global Pull of Glass

Special Feature

The Hidden Power of Repetition 

From the Road

Risk & Reward: A Pandemic Road Trip to New Orleans

Studio Tour

Kokomo Opalescent Glass Factory 

Art Partner

Glass Art Society: Connecting with Brandi Clark


The Ultimate Twistorial by Corina Tettinger

How to Make Micro-Mosaic by Studio TAC Creative


Blowing a Hollow Tube Bead

Stringer Secrets and the Sweet Spot

Memorial Beads: Creating Glass Memories


Spring Chapter Showcase 

Arizona Society of Glass Beadmakers: Getting to Know the ASGB

Merging Creativity, Gathering XVI

Social Glass with Patty Lakinsmith

97 Pages