Glass Bead Evolution Volume 9 Issue 3

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Glass Bead Evolution is a magazine created by beadmakers for beadmakers and is inclusive of other mediums. 
Glass Bead Evolution provides its readership robust content that includes insight into artists' private worlds, tours of fascinating venues, tips and techniques for both glass and complementary mediums, a showcase of exquisite work, and reviews of tools, materials, tutorials, and books.

In This Issue: 9.3

Artist Spotlights

Melanie Rowe & Leslie Rowe-Israelson

Petra Pepper

Special Features

Lampworking Around the World

Social Glass featuring Jelveh Jaferian

Reichenbach Glassworks


Reichenbach 104 Glass

Blowing Soft Glass with Shane Fero

The Art of Recycled Glass Beads 


Open Face Press Molds Using Mold Mix 6


Chevron Beads in Venice

Chapter War and Battles Progression

Thank Goodness there be Dragons

Steel Punties Pro Tip

United in the Heartland, The Fourteenth Gathering

Beads of Courage Needs Your Help

In Memoriam: Nadine Goldstein

74 Pages