Glass Bead Evolution Volume 9 Issue 1

Type: Digital Magazine
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Glass Bead Evolution is a magazine created by beadmakers for beadmakers and is inclusive of other mediums. 
Glass Bead Evolution provides its readership robust content that includes insight into artists' private worlds, tours of fascinating venues, tips and techniques for both glass and complementary mediums, a showcase of exquisite work, and reviews of tools, materials, tutorials, and books.


Artist Spotlight

Elena Hernburg

Josh Simpson


Special Features

Lampworking on a Shoestring

Marble Roundup Photo Submissions

From a Small German Town to Children All Over the World: The Origin of Glass Marbles

Lost Our Marbles, An International Art Project

Chapter Challenge Results

Spring Forward - Arizona Society of Glass Beadmakers


The XII Gathering – Portland


Class Reviews

Sara Sally LaGrand: Floral Marbles & Glass Corsage          

Bronwen Heilman’s Soft Glass Marble Class


Tool Reviews

Marble Molds

Tools I Use to Teach Flameworking Online by Bronwen Heilman