Board Responsibilities for ALL Directors:

Fellow board members and operations manager will help you along by mentoring and helping find the best ways to use your talents and abilities towards the goals of the organization.


  • Must be a current member of the ISGB
  • Must be able to Attend The Gathering and Stragic Board Meeting once a year
  • Each Board Member is asked to work at the conference itself, which may include assisting with introduction of speakers, live auction, silent auction, fundraising, workshops or whatever is requested in order to make the conference run efficiently.
  • Check ISGB email daily and respond to directors, staff, and members in a timely manner
  • Provide a monthly report prior to each board meeting to be included in the meeting minutes.
  • Review Minutes prior to Meeting
  • Attend Monthly or bi Monthly Board Meetings and other special called meetings or make arrangements if unable to attend. 
  • Each Board Member is expected to serve on at least 2 committees/Projects and participate in all committee conference calls, with timely attention to committee responsibilities as delegated by the committee chairperson.
  • Maintain a professional, proactive relationship with all members of ISGB, and when representing the organization to the broader community
  • Monitoring the public Social Media accounts and responding to member posts on a regular basis if so needed
  • Acting in the best interest of the organization at all times, without personal bias
  • A willingness to learn about various ISGB programs and procedures.
  • Work with the director of Finance on understanding the budget during our yearly review and assist in the financial descisions.
  • Attend periodic budget reviews and approving the annual budget being mindful to preserve assets against waste or abandonment
  • Actively participating in the development of a strategic plan for the organization's long-term growth
  • Board Recruitments Board Members should actively participate in the Board nomination process and actively help seeking candidates for open positions.
  • Fundraising it is every board members responsibility to help solicit and be part of the fundraising process.
  • Auction donation or inkind donation from board members is requested and/or solicitation of auction donations are greatly appreciated. This may include participation in yearly donation for The Board of Directors Bead Totem


Board Members or Board Nominees who are unwilling or unable to commit the above for a 2-year term are asked or may be asked to excuse themselves, to allow participation by another who can. It is understood that individuals have times when they can be more and less active, and that personal illness or family commitments may require excused absences.